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  • Product 1

    The Basic Burrow

    • This is our Basic Plan. Your cosy, starter web burrow we would call it.

      This will allow you to get a website set up, without too much expense, but still providing solid hosting and fast performance.
    أطلبه الآن
  • Product 2

    The Designer Burrow

    • This is our most popular plan.

      We call this the Designer Burrow. It has a bit more space and comfort than the basic one man wombat hole. This will allow multiple websites, and a reasonable amount of storage and traffic.
    أطلبه الآن
  • Product 3

    The Luxury Burrow

    • This is the top of the line Luxury Burrow
      Loads of space for those young wombats, and all finished with the best quality barks and muds...
      This suits the serious web entrepreneur with multiple sites and a need for speed, bandwidth and storage.
    أطلبه الآن

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